Mount Sinai Doctors in Queens offers the latest orthopedic treatments with the goal of eliminating your pain and maximizing your function, mobility, and independence. Our caring and experienced staff will provide you with individualized attention for your unique orthopedic needs. Our surgeons are part of a team of experts dedicated to orthopedic care, including physician assistants, nursing staff, and our rehabilitation department.

Conditions We Treat

Our team is skilled at diagnosing orthopedic conditions and recommending the treatment that will give you the best mobility. The conditions we care for include:   

Treatments We Offer

We treat many orthopedic conditions at first using medication, injections, or rehabilitation medicine, including physical therapy. If nonsurgical treatments fail to resolve your pain and mobility issues, we may recommend surgery. We use minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques whenever possible, and many patients return home the same day. Minimally invasive approaches mean faster recovery time, less pain, and less chance of complications. Surgical treatments may include:

Research has shown that full recovery from orthopedic surgery depends on successful physical therapy. For this reason, we assess your needs right after surgery—and begin rehabilitation soon thereafter. Our physical therapists work with inpatients seven days a week to help them regain full mobility. We help you transition from the hospital to home, or to a rehabilitation facility, if necessary, as quickly as possible.

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