Comprehensive Diabetes Care Clinic

The Comprehensive Diabetes Care Center is designed to provide families with the tools and support to help navigate life with diabetes.  We care for children with all forms of diabetes including Type 1 diabetes, medication induced diabetes, atypical diabetes and cystic fibrosis related diabetes. Our multidisciplinary team of providers consists of pediatric endocrinologists, nurse practitioners, social worker, dietician, psychologist as well as an ophthalmologist. Patients are encouraged to see multiple providers at each visit, allowing us to provide cohesive individualized care for each child.   Families stay connected with our team between visits.  We offer families the latest in diabetes technology and train families to use continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps in our office. 

Why Choose Us

Diabetes mellitus and other disorders of carbohydrate metabolism require a variety of treatment approaches. We individualize and coordinate your child’s care across home, school, and our team, through our nurse educators, nutritionist, and social worker. We offer educational programming tailored to all of your family’s needs, including dietary counseling, diabetes pattern management, technology nights, and a diabetes college preparatory course.  We co-sponsor a week long diabetes day camp, as well as run a monthly teen groups.  In addition, we are a site for the Type 1 Diabetes Exchange QI initiative and Trial Net, which ensures access to the latest in clinical care.