Division of Plastic Surgery Research

The Division of Plastic Surgery at Mount Sinai has been very active in large-scale clinical trials and investigator-driven research projects. Faculty members are at the forefront of both clinical and translational research in many cutting-edge facets of plastic surgery, including the injection of soft-tissue fillers, measurement of quality of life after facial reconstructive surgery to correct birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, and evaluation of long-term outcomes after the use of silicone implants in breast augmentation and reconstruction.

Plastic surgeons in the Division have looked to their own patient populations to design projects with the hope of addressing research questions that are relevant to their daily clinical practice.

We are involved in the current research projects:

  • We are developing a questionnaire to assess various facets of patient satisfaction after cleft lip and palate reconstruction including facial appearance, ability to drink and eat, as well as several other socio-emotional factors. The construction of a reliable and valid questionnaire such as this would be valuable in helping plastic surgeons evaluate long-term post-procedural satisfaction and outcomes from the patient's point of view

  • We are evaluating the efficacy of using injectable cellulose hydrogels as permanent soft-tissue fillers in patients with localized tissue atrophy due to tumor removal, trauma, and infection. These fillers are safe and cost-effective, maximizing cosmetic outcomes while minimizing deleterious tissue effects

  • Our surgeons are examining the long-term clinical outcomes and comorbidities in patients following breast augmentation and reconstruction using silicone implants

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