Body Contouring

To improve your body, you may do many things from exercise to dieting. However, despite your best efforts, you may still have problem areas that you want to correct. For example, your skin may lose its elasticity. After pregnancy or extreme weight loss, your body doesn’t bounce back. Pockets of fat remain where you’d rather not have them.

Treatments We Offer

To help you address these issues, Mount Sinai plastic surgeons offer the following procedures:

Using the body contouring that will give you the result you want, we can make the improvements you want that discipline and hard work alone cannot provide.

As a team of highly qualified and talented plastic surgeons, we take pride in our attention to detail. Through the compassionate and individualized approach that our doctors offer, you will bypass the typical stress and worry surgery can induce, and enjoy the results of this significant, life-changing experience.

Body contouring can improve your body and your life.