Breast Implant Revision

If ever you are not satisfied with the results of a breast augmentation or breast reconstruction procedure, we can help. Our breast implant revision specialists are the best in medical care and plastic surgery, and have the expertise to correct problem areas.

Our plastic surgeons perform secondary or breast implant revision surgery by matching and repairing your body’s tissue with your breast implants so that the position, shape and texture of your breast implants are natural and beautiful.

This specialized procedure involves many of the techniques of breast reconstruction for correcting breast implants that have failed over time or were never quite right.

Looking Your Best

Come to Mount Sinai plastic surgeons to correct any of the following problems with your breast implants:

  • Breast implants that are incorrectly positioned: too low, too far to the side or center
  • Wrinkled or rippled implants
  • Extraordinary Scar Tissue around one or both implants – capsular contracture
  • Stretched tissues around one or both implants
  • Sagging breast implants and tissues
  • Implant rupture

Before anything is done, you will first consult with one of our nationally recognized specialists. We will discuss options with you. We may recommend new materials or meshes to stabilize the area surrounding your breast implant. This will increase the support available and repair your body’s tissue. To enhance the natural shape and texture of your breasts, we may suggest fat transfer from your abdomen, hips, thighs, or other spots.