Ear Shaping

At Mount Sinai, our expert plastic surgeons have extensive experience performing plastic surgery on the ears of children and adults. Our goal is to make you happy with the results. If the shape or size of your ears is bothersome, you have options. Our plastic surgeons can make them unobtrusive and symmetrical to bring an attractive balance to your face.

Cosmetic ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, can be of special help to adults or children born with large or misshapen ears, or ears that stick out.

Surgery may involve reshaping the soft bone (cartilage) around the ear, or reducing the size of large earlobes, it may also involve pinning the ears to bring them closer to the head.

We can operate on adults of all ages who want to have an ear-shaping procedure. However, you should wait to schedule ear plastic surgery until your child is between four and six years old. You may not want to wait too much longer. Simply check with us; our experienced and compassionate plastic surgeons will help you make the right decision about the timing and whether to choose ear plastic surgery.

Looking Your Best

Ear shaping and ear pinning can improve the appearance of your ears or your child’s ears in the following ways, by:

  • Bringing ears that stick out closer to the head
  • Making large ears smaller
  • Correcting misshapen ears
  • Enhancing ear lobes that are oversized, stretched, or wrinkled
  • Improving the balance between the shape and size of ears and your face
  • Reconstructing ears damaged by injury
  • Constructing new ears as needed

Ear shaping plastic surgery is done to the outside of the ears and does not affect hearing. Your surgeon makes incisions on the back of the ears, hiding any visible scarring. After the surgery, we will follow up with you about your healing process and ensure that you are happy with the results.