Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Losing weight after bariatric surgery, as a result of dieting and exercising, or after giving birth, is a goal worth celebrating. However, if the numbers on the scale are not enough, it may be because there is one more step you need to take to really show off your new, lighter body and to look your best.

Body contouring can help you get rid of the loose, saggy, excess skin that often hangs around after weight loss. You can reach your self-improvement goals thanks to the extensive cosmetic surgery options offered by Mount Sinai plastic surgeons.

We will consult with you in a confidential meeting during which we will answer all of your questions.

Before surgery, we will cover topics including:

  • Scarring—our surgeons conceal incisions in areas covered by clothing whenever possible, and we recommend treatments to promote healing and minimize scarring.
  • Weight changes—it’s important to maintain a stable weight, since gaining or losing weight following body contouring can negatively affect your results.
  • Risks of complications—to help minimize risks, you must answer your surgeon’s questions honestly and completely about your medical history.
  • Life style—maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and do not smoke to enjoy the benefits of your body contouring procedure.

Looking Your Best

Body contouring plastic surgery can further refine the improvements you’ve already achieved after losing weight. Our surgeons will help you decide which plastic surgery procedures will benefit you, which may include:

  • Body lift — to tighten loose skin and tissue on the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, and outer thighs for a smoother, more compact shape
  • Arm lift — to smooth and tighten the skin of the upper arms through incisions along the back of the arms
  • Thigh lift — to shape and tighten skin and tissue of the groin and inner thigh
  • Liposuction —to remove remaining, isolated fat deposits from areas like your arms, chin, thighs, or hips
  • Tummy tuck — to sculpt your waistline and flatten your abdomen
  • Breast surgery procedures—including breast reduction and breast lift help to enhance breast shape
  • Facial surgery — procedures such as facelift and neck lift to help you achieve a more youthful, refreshed facial appearance

Your procedures and results will be unique to you. You may require a combination of several procedures that must be scheduled weeks or months apart to allow you to heal. Most likely, you will notice improvements immediately, and over time, after fully healing, you will have a tighter, slimmer body.