Endocrine Surgery

At Mount Sinai, our endocrine surgeons are world-renowned and sought after for their expertise in treating imbalances and growths that occur within the body’s complex and important endocrine system. From the adrenal glands to the parathyroid and thyroid glands, we work as a collaborative team to provide outstanding and compassionate care to return you to robust and balanced health. In fact, our surgeons have been pioneers in offering new treatments of thyroidectomy to our patients, including novel “hidden scar approaches.”.

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About Your Endocrine System

By taking care of your body’s important endocrine system, you are taking an essential step in caring for your overall health. Made up of a network of glands located at various points throughout your body that produce hormones, your endocrine system silently regulates many of your body’s functions—from how it metabolizes food to how you grow, and even how fast your heart beats. If your endocrine system becomes diseased or imbalanced, it is essential that you see an endocrinologist to determine the cause. Some of these conditions can be treated with observation or mediation, however, frequently surgical removal of the endocrine gland is the best way to achieve a cure. Our endocrine surgeons offer a variety of unique and highly effective options to treat your condition.

Why Mount Sinai?

Mount Sinai Health System’s endocrine surgeons are experts in using the most effective surgical procedures, including the latest technologies, to treat your extensive endocrine system. From diagnosis to follow-up, we coordinate your care with specialists in endocrinology, radiology, nuclear medicine, and pathology to pinpoint and treat conditions affecting your endocrine glands. You’re in good company at Mount Sinai. Many of our patients come from around the country and the world to take advantage of the highest quality care our surgeons provide, including innovative minimally invasive surgical procedures that we have pioneered and perfected.

Quality Control

Our specialists continuously work on improving the quality of your care and refining diagnostic accuracy. We do this through constant feedback about your endocrine condition. In addition, Mount Sinai is an active participant in the Collaborative Endocrine Surgery Quality Improvement Program (CESQIP). The CESQIP mission is to advance quality in the field of thyroid and endocrine surgery.Through this collaborative, Mount Sinai surgeons can benchmark our performance and outcomes as it compares to the more than 50 hospitals that participate,  in order to provide the safest possible care to our patients.