Why Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai Renal Hyperparathyroidism Program was created to provide patients with the best level of care and most advanced treatment options. Our expert surgeons and physicians have been treating this condition for more than twenty years. The creation of this program formalizes this care and recognizes this vulnerable patient population as deserving of streamlined, top quality, multidisciplinary coordinated care.

We understand the many complex medical issues our patients may be experiencing and the difficulties that can arise while trying to manage their care. With this in mind, we work closely with nephrologists, transplant nephrologists, and endocrinologists to help determine which patients will most benefit from surgical care. 

We strongly believe there are many patients with renal hyperparathyroidism who are currently being under served and could benefit from this type of dedicated approach to their care.

Patient Care Protocols and Postoperative Care

Our team has developed a unique set of algorithms that ensure every patient receives consistent and excellent care. 

Once your office determines a patient needs surgery, we work in close communication with you and your patient to ensure they are seen within one week of their referral. Postoperatively, we work with the patient to ensure they are provided with sufficient dosages of calcium/calcitriol for their post-operative care. This is assessed and monitored on a daily basis after surgery and can be done in partnership with your office, as needed.

In mutual collaboration with the referring physician, we are available to help support surgical patients during post-op care.