Aesthetic Surgery

At Mount Sinai, our plastic surgeons are committed to helping you achieve your ideal personal appearance. You can look as beautiful as you like while preserving an appearance that is in harmony with your sense of self.

While aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures are elective (optional rather than necessary), for you, an aesthetic change may make a world of difference. Choosing to have plastic surgery to enhance your self-esteem and the image you have of yourself is a valid motivation. You may want to look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside. And your interest in self-improvement may motivate you to improve an aspect of your appearance that you’re not quite satisfied with.

It is important to us that you make the right decision for the right reasons. Before our plastic surgeons agree to operate on you, we meet with you and discuss your options. We want to ensure that you’re both physically and mentally able to safely undergo cosmetic surgery. Our surgeons are committed to enhancing your total quality of life. For that, we need to understand your motivation and your goals.

At Mount Sinai, our renowned, board-certified plastic surgeons offer a full range of aesthetic plastic surgeries for the face, breasts, body contouring, and beyond. Our surgeons combine precise skill with compassion and we promise you a pleasant and rewarding experience, whatever aesthetic procedure you choose.