Breast Reduction

Having breasts that are overly large for your frame can be physically painful and a barrier to your participating in activities like running. Breasts that are too large for you may even present an emotional barrier, self-consciousness or embarrassment. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Women of all ages choose breast reduction to gain freedom from the physical and emotional burden of large breasts. Mount Sinai’s team of highly trained and qualified plastic surgeons is expert at enhancing women’s breasts. Through our warm, caring, and supportive approach to patient care, we provide you an environment to help you feel comfortable discussing very private and sensitive concerns about your body.

Since breast reduction surgery (also known as reduction mammoplasty) involves significant changes to your breasts, your surgeon will help you determine whether it is the right choice for you. At your confidential consultation, we will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about your procedure.

To be eligible for breast reduction surgery, you should:

  • Maintain a healthy, stable weight
  • Not plan on future pregnancies which will affect your breasts
  • Be physically mature with fully-developed breasts and emotionally mature about your choice

Looking Your Best

You may consider breast reduction for many personal reasons including the following positive results:

  • Less neck, back, and shoulder pain caused by the weight of heavy breasts
  • Improved self-confidence about breast size
  • Decreased breast size to be in proportion with your body frame
  • Nipples pointing in a more upward position
  • Relief from chafing and skin irritation caused by sagging breast skin
  • Balanced size of breasts

You may want to combine breast reduction with breast lift or as part of a mommy makeover for a more complete enhancement. During your consultation, your surgeon will work with you to determine the right combination of procedures to help you achieve your plastic surgery goals.

If you intend to become pregnant or lose weight, your surgeon may encourage you to postpone your breast reduction surgery until after you do so because improvements from surgery likely will be reversed due to pregnancy and weight change.