Breast Lift

A breast lift may be just what you need to restore an attractive contour to your breasts. Breasts naturally may become saggy, flat, or stretched over time. Fortunately, a breast lift (also known as mastopexy) can reverse the effects of time, childbirth, or weight loss.

A breast lift procedure at Mount Sinai can be a positive and rewarding experience with results that refresh your overall appearance and self-confidence.

Looking Your Best

Whatever your age, you may choose breast lift plastic surgery (also known as mastopexy) to enhance your look.

Our surgeons can provide the following results:

  • Firmer, more rounded, shapelier breasts
  • Restored fullness lost after childbearing or weight loss
  • Balanced breast height when one breast is positioned lower than the other
  • More proportioned areola size
  • Enhanced results of other breast enhancement surgery, such as breast augmentation

Because pregnancy affects breasts, if you are considering future pregnancies, your surgeon may suggest that you delay your breast surgery until after giving birth to your last baby.

Some women combine their breast lift with other cosmetic surgery procedures for a mommy makeover, which can also include a tummy tuckliposuction, or other procedures.