Mount Sinai Vascular Anomalies Program

The Mount Sinai Vascular Anomalies Program is a valuable resource for children and adults with vascular lesions, including hemangiomas and vascular malformations. Patients consult with a team of surgeons and interventional radiologists who are experts in treating simple and more complicated vascular lesions. This multidisciplinary approach helps patients reach their full potential. A carefully coordinated treatment plan can address these problems, often when the patients are quite young. Even in the most severe cases, our goal is to minimize the physical and psychological consequences of such anomalies, giving children access to a fuller, more satisfying life. Services at our Program include treatment for the following:

  • Hemangiomas: The treatment for hemangiomas depends upon their size, location and severity. Those with complications such as bleeding, feeding or breathing difficulties, growth disturbances, or vision impairment may require urgent medical or surgical intervention. Treatment may include medical management, laser therapy, or surgical removal.

  • Vascular Malformations: The treatment for vascular malformations depends upon the type of the malformation. Laser therapy is usually effective for capillary malformations or port wine stains, which tend to be flat violet or red patches on the face. Arterial malformations often require embolization, which uses a clotting substance to block blood flow into the malformation, and surgical excision. Venous malformations may be treated by direct injection of a sclerosing (clotting) agent, combined with staged excision.


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