Palliative Care

The palliative care department at Mount Sinai Morningside offers inpatient care services.

We provide inpatient palliative care services, social services support, and referrals including referrals for visiting doctors and homecare. Our goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life while dealing with serious, often life threatening illnesses. In conjunction with your primary care doctor, we also work with nurses, nutritionists, social workers, and other members of your care team.

Palliative care focuses on treating the symptoms, pain, and related stress felt by patients and their families facing a serious illness. We provide the support for patients of all ages and at all stages of any serious illnesses no matter the prognosis. Our palliative services include physical, psychological, social, and spiritual support for you and your family. Our Volunteer team can provide pet therapy referrals.

With a dedicated patient care team, our palliative care services ensures all patients and families are informed and in control of their treatment options. Patient satisfaction is of the most importance to us. Palliative care services are covered by many insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.