Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care & Education Department of Mount Sinai Morningside offers the support of highly trained chaplains for patients, their families, and caregivers during the unique challenges, uncertainties, and crises of hospitalizations. However you define your spirituality, our multi-faith staff is always ready to meet your emotional and faith-related needs with sensitive, respectful, and inclusive responses.

The scope of our services includes:

  • One-on-one spiritual and emotional support
  • Prayer, blessings, and rituals
  • Religious literature
  • Contact with your or your family’s faith community for sacramental services
  • Counsel, as requested, in ethics consultations

Please contact us whenever you, as patient, family, or caregiver:

  • Feel alone with the burdens and issues of a diagnosis
  • Do not have supportive family, friends or a faith group available
  • Are preparing for a procedure or facing a surgery
  • Have received a serious or unexpected diagnosis
  • Are struggling with a treatment decision
  • Are currently suffering from or have a history of trauma
  • Are carrying grief, guilt, fears or other emotions that may affect the course of healing and recovery
  • Are struggling to find meaning in your situation
  • Are struggling to find or maintain hope
  • Wish counsel from someone of your faith tradition

Additional Spiritual Care & Education Accommodations at Mount Sinai Morningside

  • An historic Christian Chapel is open at all hours for respite and spiritual reflection or meditation; seasonal services offered.
  • A Muslim Prayer Room is open at all hours.
  • Kosher food is available through Food & Nutrition Services. (Please consult with your physician before requesting.)

Contact Us

To arrange a visit, you may ask your nurse to contact your unit’s chaplain.

The Spiritual Care & Education Department can be reached 212-523-2016.