About Us

The Blavatnik Family Chelsea Medical Center at Mount Sinai is part of the Mount Sinai Health System, which has been bringing trusted, innovative medicine to New Yorkers since 1820. With our presence here, we make it easy for you to visit us and build relationships with the doctors and other caregivers you know and trust. 

Nearby. Beautiful. Innovative. Compassionate.

Mount Sinai doctors are closer to you than ever. Woven into the fabric of the neighborhood, we are transforming health care to give you access to specialized hospital-quality diagnosis and treatment near where you live or work. Everything we do at the Blavatnik Center is on an outpatient basis, so you can go home the same day you are treated.

The moment you enter, you see and feel the difference. At the Chelsea facility, we designed our attractive, calm, and comfortable setting with you in mind. Here you will feel welcome as you receive compassionate and personalized care from women’s cancer specialists who blend innovative science with the most advanced treatments to create a plan that is just right for you.

Our vision is constantly expanding, and so is our building. We have recently added an outpatient surgery suite, and renovated our Women’s Cancer Program area to be more intimate and functional. Our doctors’ consultation and exam rooms are near our imaging rooms, where we have the latest technology to ensure quick and accurate diagnosis. More is coming in the months ahead. 

All About You

We place primary importance on getting to know you. At the Blavatnik Center, you will have your own team that will focus on giving you what you need, from consultation and diagnosis to treatment and emotional support.

As a woman, you will likely come to the Chelsea facility for one of four main reasons:

  • You have breast cancer or a gynecologic cancer, concerning symptoms, or a questionable breast imaging result. We provide consultations, tests and procedures, imaging, and radiation and infusion treatments such as chemotherapy.
  • You need a doctor and an entire collaborative medical team that specializes in women’s cancer, cares about you, and can treat you in a calm setting. Our Women’s Cancer Program offers all forms of cancer treatment and support services.
  • You are interested in getting a second opinion about a diagnosis or treatment plan. Bring your records to your first visit and sit down with us to discuss your options as we review your case and get to know you.

Cancer and Support Services

Our breast imaging technicians and breast surgeons are highly trained, as are our medical and radiation oncologists. Our gynecological oncologists are very experienced and compassionate surgeons, and our entire gynecological cancer staff provides ongoing care and support. You will receive individualized and compassionate treatment in our on-site infusion and surgical suites as needed, all under your doctors’ watchful eyes.

Our support services are yours for the asking, from social workers to help you deal with emotional and social issues in your life to art therapists who will spark your creativity as a source of emotional healing.

Other Reasons to Make an Appointment

Our infusion suite, our outpatient operating rooms, and our radiation oncology services are also available to treat conditions other than women’s cancers. We can treat you for anemia, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, some forms of arthritis, congestive heart failure, and some types of immune deficiency or neurological disorders in our infusion suite. Our radiation oncologists can treat you for head and neck, lung, gastrointestinal, soft tissue sarcoma, brain, bladder, and prostate cancers. And our surgeons perform outpatient surgeries for hernias, basal cell skin cancer (BCC) reconstructive breast surgeries, and other procedures.

For all this and more, we are here for you.

We are your Mount Sinai.