Treatment Options

At Mount Sinai, we offer comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for you whatever your respiratory condition. The care we provide reflects our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, based on evidence-driven data and our dedication to providing excellent patient care.

Our specialists are expert at offering you the very options that have the greatest positive impact on your day-to-day life with effective treatments including:

Medications: Medication is usually the first line treatment. There many antibiotics that work well on a variety of respiratory disorders. Your doctor will determine which is best for you and what, if any, side effects there might be.

Pulmonary Function Testing: At the Mount Sinai Health System, we have a Pulmonary Function Testing lab that helps our specialists diagnose and provide therapeutic treatments for those suffering from a number of respiratory disorders.

Surgery: In some cases, when standard medication or respiratory therapy is no longer effective, your physician may suggest surgery. Our specialists work closely with the vascular surgeons on every case and together provide a plan for each individual patient.

Innovative Therapies: At the Mount Sinai Health System, we are always working on developing novel therapeutics and procedures to improve the lives of our patients. Whether through clinical trials or research, our goal is to bring the discoveries made in our labs as quickly and safely to you.

Specific treatment options are detailed for these respiratory diseases: