Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery

The Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery is pleased to announce that we have reopened, all of our surgical programs are up and running. We are working to ensure a safe environment, so that you can be confident in coming in to get the care you need.

The Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS) delivers advanced care for transgender and non-binary people. We provide caring, compassionate services to meet your individual needs—including medical care, gender-affirming surgeries, behavioral health services, and other support services.

From Your Most Specialized Needs to General Health Care

The CTMS team is a comprehensive group of providers who have expertise in primary care, hormone therapy, behavioral health support, gender-affirming surgeries, and other supportive services. We can provide all your medical care or we can provide specific targeted services to support your existing medical providers.

You can choose to receive your primary care at CTMS, as well as see our specialists in the areas of endocrinology, behavioral health, plastic surgery, urology, gynecology, and more. The depth of our CTMS program permits our team to personalize our care to your specific needs. To make an appointment, please call us at 212-604-1730

For Your Safety

At Mount Sinai, our doctors, nurses, and staff members are working diligently to ensure the health and safety of each patient who depends on us for care. Throughout our health system, we’re protecting our patients with rigorous protocols, before and during your visit, as well as behind the scenes.

  • Before Your Visit: We screen patients by phone for COVID-19 symptoms prior to appointments. As much of your check-in as possible will be handled electronically before you come in.
  • During Your Visit: All patients will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms, including temperature checks. Social distancing measures are in place and carefully monitored. Face coverings are mandatory for both patients and staff.
  • Behind the Scenes: All areas are rigorously disinfected, including waiting rooms, patient rooms, operating rooms, and high-touch surfaces. All our staff are self-monitoring and being tested for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Pre-Procedure Precautions
    As of June 9, 2020, the state of New York is now allowing all surgeries to resume which were halted due to the COVID-19 crisis. All surgeries can now take place at all Mount Sinai Health System hospitals, doctor’s offices, and ambulatory surgery centers. If you have a procedure or surgery scheduled, be assured we are taking extensive precautions for your safety.

See more at the Mount Sinai Safety Hub.

Physicians of the Future

CTMS developed the first full-year fellowship to train doctors in gender-affirming surgery and gender-affirming psychiatric care. Additionally, medical students and residents can sign up for an elective experience to gain exposure to all areas of transgender health. These programs will train the next generation of providers caring for transgender patients.


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