Frequently Asked Questions

 If you are thinking about gender affirming surgery, you may have questions.

  • Will my insurance cover surgery?
    Insurance coverage is important for accessing care. For more information about your coverage, you may review your insurance plan booklet. You can also contact your insurance provider’s member services line directly to request your plan’s policy. Each plan may be different, so ask about your plan’s coverage for “Transgender Services” or “Gender Affirmation Surgeries.”

    For additional resources about your options and how to navigate health care coverage, please see these organizations: 
  • Will the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS) accept my insurance?
    We accept most major insurance. To find out whether we are in your provider network, you may need to contact your insurance carrier. We can also review your insurance after you enroll to provide additional information.

    If we are out-of-network, ask your insurance carrier if they cover out-of-network services or if you need an out-of-network exception. We can work with your in-network referring provider to arrange an out-of-network exception.
  • Should I bring my letters of support with me to my CTMS visit?
    Yes, the sooner you submit your letters of support, the faster we’ll be able to review your case. Templates can be found on our website. Your providers can reach out to if they need assistance writing letters
  • I don’t have two mental health providers. How will I get my second mental health letter of support?
    Part of the clinical pathway towards surgery includes speaking with a CTMS mental health provider and social worker. Be sure to indicate that you need letters of support during these appointments.
  • Do I need to stay in New York City for 2-3 weeks?
    We require our patients to stay within an hour and a half driving distance from Mount Sinai for surgical procedures. Our surgeons want to see you after the procedure to make sure you are healing well. You can look in northern New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and all five boroughs for hotels, Airbnb rentals, or other living situations.
  • I don’t have a friend or family member who can stay with me for a whole month. What should I do?
    If your caregiver can’t commit to 2-3 straight weeks, ask other members of your support network to split the time with your primary caregiver. You need to have someone with you at all times, but it does not have to be the same person for the entire period.
  • I’ve had my three required visits at CTMS. What happens now?
    Someone will reach out to you shortly after your visit to discuss the next step. It can take two to three weeks to get all your lab results. Once we have all the information, we will contact you about next steps.
  • I’m sure I’ll have questions after I’ve left CTMS. How do I get in touch with the CTMS to follow-up?
    Please call our main number at 212-604-1730 or email us at We will connect you to the right person.
  • I don’t have a car I can use in New York City. Can I take the subway instead?
    After surgery, you won’t be able to use public transportation. Please budget for taxis or a car service home from the surgery and for your aftercare appointments with your surgeon. You can also check with your insurance to see if it covers transportation after surgery.