Sleep Services

A visit to the sleep specialist is a new experience for most of our patients. Its purpose is to diagnose your sleep disorders and improve your sleep patterns.

Sleep Consultation

If you are having trouble sleeping, you will first come to one of our sleep centers for a consultation. We will take your sleep history, which is significantly different from the medical history that you commonly provide your primary care physician.

Your sleep history involves detailed information about your sleep habits, circadian rhythms, environmental factors that include information about your bedroom and bed partners, and your food and beverage intake. In addition, a diagnosis will include information about your emotional background, and intrusive thought processes that occur during the night. Your diagnostician will take into consideration daytime performance issues you may experience like hypersomnolence, fatigue, tiredness, poor concentration, and decreased memory capacity, as markers of poor sleep efficacy.

Your sleep consultation starts with your filling out a sleep questionnaire followed by your doctor interviewing you. It may be a good idea to bring your bed partner to provide observations and to participate in the interview. Your doctor then conducts a physical exam. You will go on a tour of the area where sleep studies take place.