Smoking Cessation

At the Mount Sinai Health System, we have a highly successful program dedicated to helping you quit smoking for good. Our program is based upon the philosophy that each patient’s smoking cessation plan must be integrated into his or her medical care. Some participants are patients with serious pulmonary or cardiovascular disease, or cancer; others are completely healthy. For every participant, our physicians perform a complete medical assessment and work with his or her doctor to determine the best strategies for achieving success.

How We Help People Quit

Intensive psychological support and behavioral modification are provided. Medicines, including Chantix, Wellbutrin and Nicotine Replacement Therapies, are prescribed as indicated. Lung cancer and COPD screenings are provided when appropriate.

Many participants begin a smoking cessation program with skepticism that they can truly be smoke-free. At Mount Sinai’s Smoking Cessation Program, our first step it to let patients know that they absolutely can succeed with guidance, support and proper medication. And we include relapse prevention and follow-up strategies as part of the individualized treatment plan.

Get Started Today

Our Smoking Cessation Program is available in various locations throughout the Mount Sinai Health System. The program at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai West is supported by the Margarita Camche Smoking Cessation Fund and the James P. Mara Center for Lung Diseases. We accept Medicaid and Medicare along with 1199 insurance plans. For participants not covered by these plans, there is a sliding fee scale. When you call to schedule an appointment, please ask about how much you will be required to pay.