Infusion Therapy

If you have a serious or chronic infection that needs special attention, your doctors may decide that the best approach is infusion therapy. At the Mount Sinai Health System, we have a number of locations that offer these services so you know there is a location near you.

What Is Infusion Therapy?

Sometimes you need more medication than we can give orally. In those situations, we may prescribe infusion therapy. We administer infusion therapy using a needle or catheter. On occasion, we use other non-oral approaches, such as injections into the muscle or the membranes around the spinal cord.

We use infusion therapy to treat dehydration and to administer chemotherapy, which is a tool for treating cancer. We also use infusion therapy for a variety of other purposes including administering antibiotics, vitamins, and antiviral and antifungal medications.  Often we use specialty medications, made by specialty pharmacies.