Treatment Options

Your doctor will tailor a treatment program specifically for you and your condition for the best outcome.

Bronchiectasis Treatments

Based upon the severity and progression of your bronchiectasis, generally, treatment falls into three categories:

  • Antibiotics: Generally, oral antibiotics are used to decrease the mucus production in your airways.
  • Physiotherapy: A technique called chest clapping or percussion can be used to loosen mucus and prevent it from building up.
  • Other Treatments: Bronchiodilators and other inhalation therapies have also been found to be effective in reducing mucus. Hydration is also considered very important to preventing the build-up of mucus. Surgery is also an option if other treatments are not effective.

NTM Treatments

To treat  NTM, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, usually in combination to prevent drug resistance. Your doctor will monitor you for any side effects. Treatment can take up to two years depending on the severity of your condition.