Mount Sinai Tisch Cancer Center

Mount Sinai Cancer Stories

At Mount Sinai, we know that the complexity and diversity of cancer require the highest degree of expert, specialized care. At the same time, we remain focused on a simple guiding principle—taking care of the entire person, while treating the cancer.

Hear from our patients as they share their stories of cancer care at Mount Sinai.

Mother of Two Young Children Faces Breast Cancer During the Pandemic
June 17, 2021
By immediately seeking care, Delphine Attinger’s Mount Sinai care team, led by Sarah Cate, MD, were able to diagnose cancer at an early stage.

Hope Against All Odds for Mount Sinai Patient With Bladder Cancer
March 25, 2021
Enrolled in a first of its kind clinical trial, Michael Morigi is responding well at Mount Sinai’s Tisch Cancer Institute

A Return to Strength for Multiple Myeloma Patient With Appreciation For Mount Sinai Team
October 6, 2020
Depth of expertise and breadth of resources at Mount Sinai contribute to success of advanced treatment for life-long disease.

With a Positive Attitude, Confronting Cancer in a Pandemic
July 27, 2020
Shahonna Anderson had an aggressive cancer to fight as COVID-19 was peaking in New York City. But, she has remained positive throughout her treatment and is looking forward to happier times in the future.

Safely Guiding a Patient’s Journey With Triple Negative Breast Cancer
July 22, 2020
"Brave and strong" breast cancer patient Tanya Bhatia has a demanding interior design career. She has not let her treatments at Mount Sinai in the midst of COVID-19 slow her down.

Caring and Expert Treatment for Patient’s Rare Neuroendocrine Cancer
July 21, 2020
Jennifer Niedzewiecki’s specialized cancer treatment at Mount Sinai started before COVID-19 and continued safely during the crisis. "I’m living proof that Mount Sinai takes good care of you," Jennifer told Brooklyn News 12. "You don’t have to worry about coming in for treatment."

A Breast Cancer Patient Wants People to Prioritize Their Health
July 13, 2020
With a focus on her health and life’s joys, a determined Weslinne Adhemar Cespedes did not let COVID-19 get in the way of fighting cancer and planning her wedding.