Cancer Outreach

Screenings & Educational Programs 2016

Cancer Community Outreach goals for this year are linked to identify health care needs in the surrounding communities. They focus on prevention, early intervention and follow-up care as well as access to clinical trials.

2016 Outreach Goals:

  • Expand community outreach into other topics, including shared decision making regarding cancer screening.
  • Increase outreach efforts and education of Hepatitis B in the African immigrant community.
  • Enhance the Tisch Cancer Institute social media campaign and profile.
  • Increase access to genetic counseling services. 

Highlights in 2016:

  • We participated in 30 health fairs this year, with an extended reach across Manhattan. Our partnership with Mount Sinai Beth Israel and Karpas Health Information Center was a great success and we had four collaborative events, distributing cancer education material.
  • We successfully partnered with Gilead Sciences to target African immigrant groups to present the Hepatitis B educational programs. We provided 12 programs this year targeting over 200 participants.
  • Living with Cancer, an annual conference to benefit individuals, caregivers, community and health care professionals directly affected by Cancer was held at Mount Sinai this year. The event was a large success with over 230 participants.
  • The Tisch Cancer Institute newsletter was published quarterly throughout 2016. Quarterly newsletters will continue in 2017.
  • HEALS program (Hepatitis C Education & Liver Screening): There was a 40% increase in individuals screened in 2016, with great success in the program’s follow through and connection to ongoing care as needed. 


Overview 2016