Center of Excellence for Pancreatic Cancer

The Center of Excellence for Pancreatic Cancer offers the most comprehensive and compassionate care for patients with cancer of the pancreas. Our multidisciplinary pancreatic cancer team includes specialists who are national leaders in the field. They provide the highest-quality diagnostic evaluation, treatment, and care for patients with pancreatic cancer and access to innovative therapies through clinical trials at multiple locations for patient convenience.

A unique component of our program is our Center of Excellence for Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Team. This well-coordinated one-stop shop provides comprehensive diagnostics, evaluation, and a personalized treatment plan, all in one day and at one location. At the end of their visits, patients have an easy-to-understand-and-follow treatment plan, put together by leading experts in treating and researching pancreatic cancer.

As one of the most experienced pancreatic disorders treatment programs in the United States, we are recognized for excellence in the management of pancreatic diseases by the National Pancreas Foundation.

Clinical Trials 

Our program has a solid foundation of experience and patient care excellence with clinical trials. Our clinical trials provide access to novel treatment approaches that are often not available outside the clinical trial setting. We offer patients emerging, promising therapies with the goal of improving outcomes.

Every clinical trial has specific eligibility criteria. Depending on the stage of your disease, exposure to prior therapies, and overall health, you may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial. Your doctor will determine whether you are a candidate for a clinical trial and are likely to benefit from it. Mount Sinai Tisch Cancer Institute participates in a vast number of clinical trials that can be searched by various criteria.


Our research staff participates in our Pancreas Tumor Board. This facilitates the process of identifying clinical trials of that may be appropriate for individual patients and determining enrollment eligibility. Research staff also assist with studies related to biobanking of tissue specimens—this helps us develop new therapies and biomarkers in the future.

Patient Support and Resources

As a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-Designated Cancer Center, The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI) has programs of distinction and a firm foundation for discovery that are recognized throughout the world. The TCI emphasizes prevention and early detection, and provides the most current treatments and supportive care for patients with every type of cancer, including those with advanced cancers and additional diseases.

Canopy Cancer Collective

We are proud to have received an award from the Canopy Cancer Collective to enhance and maximize our multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The Canopy Cancer Collective is an innovative non-profit that pulls together leading healthcare institutions like ours to create patient-centric learning health networks that connect expert clinicians and researchers to foster optimal cancer care and improved outcomes for patients. Through our partnership with the Canopy Cancer Collective, we help empower pancreatic cancer patients with new treatment options, health care satisfaction, and hope.