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Cancer Support and Wellness Events

The Mount Sinai Health System offers an array of support and wellness programs for cancer patients and their loved ones. We have support groups for different cancer types that give participants an opportunity to connect with others. We also have support groups in various languages, including Spanish and Chinese. Our wellness programs include writing/journaling workshops, meditation, yoga, spiritual care, a choir, and more. In addition, we provide educational programs featuring current cancer-related topics with diverse speakers. All of these programs are designed to improve your quality of life. While most of our programs are virtual, some are in person or hybrid; check our monthly events list for updates.

Programs for All Patients

Journaling Workshops – Join one or all of our writing workshops via Zoom. We will send out prompts the night before. We encourage you to take a moment, whether 10 minutes or an hour, to write something. Then we will gather on Zoom to share what we have written.
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Knitting Group – Knitting and crocheting can lower heart rate and blood pressure and reduce harmful levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Enjoy friendly conversation while you work on your yarn projects. Anyone in need of supplies please contact
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Meditation With Alice – Join Alice Fox for her virtual guided meditation on Mondays and Wednesdays. Learn to connect and enjoy a sense of inner peace and let go of stress. Evidence supports the healing benefits of meditation for cancer patients.
RSVP – Email Alice Fox at

Relaxation Techniques to Prepare for Cancer Surgery – Connecting mind and body with meditation and hypnosis. Benefits have been reported to include reduced levels of stress and anxiety, improved sleep, less pain, and shorter recovery time.
RSVP – Email Mary Vu, LCSW, at or call 347-920-7634.

Restorative Yoga – Join our new virtual restorative yoga class with Sammi Ahmen, a survivor. Yoga may help you alleviate some of the symptoms associated with cancer and its treatments. No yoga experience is needed. All levels are welcome.
RSVP – Email Ebtesam Ahmed at

Vocal Ensemble – Join our Mount Sinai Vocal Ensemble for a little musical delight. Join in, whether to sing yourself or enjoy a little music from the comfort of your own home. The group meets on Zoom and is led by the talented Michael Inge.
RSVP – No RSVP needed. Zoom Link - (Meeting ID is 448 800 2565 and Passcode is 506560)

Yoga for Cancer Survivors With Jerry – Looking to find a little peace of mind and stretch your body? Join Jerry Snee for a virtual yoga practice. This class is open to those in treatment and who have completed treatment. Please note that this is a virtual yoga class and will be held on Zoom.
RSVP – No RSVP needed. Zoom Link - (Meeting ID: 730 613 875 and Passcode: yfpwc)

Programs for Blood Cancer Patients

Surviving Survivorship:  Managing Life During and After a Blood Cancer Diagnosis – Join an oncology social worker for a monthly meeting for education, support, and information sharing. The group is open to leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma patients and survivors, their adult family members, partners, and friends.
RSVP – Call 914-496-3902 or visit

Programs for Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

Post-Allogeneic BMT Support Group – If you had an allogenic bone marrow transplant, join this group to connect and learn from others who are also recovering from this type of transplant.
RSVP – Email Ryan Dritz at

Programs for Brain Tumor Patients

Glioblastoma and Brain Tumor Support Group – Seeking support for yourself or a loved one with a brain tumor?
RSVP – Email Kat Safavi, LCSW, at

Programs for Breast Cancer Patients

Dubin Zoom Meditation for Breast Cancer Patients – Join the Dubin Breast Center of The Tisch Cancer Institute for a weekly meditation class led by Laura Teusink.
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Dubin Zoom Pilates for Breast Cancer Patients – Join the Dubin Breast Center of The Tisch Cancer Institute for a weekly Pilates class led by Melissa Miles.
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Dubin Zoom Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients – Join the Dubin Breast Center of The Tisch Cancer Institute for a weekly yoga class led by Jana Hicks.
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Programs for Lung Cancer Patients

Lung Cancer Support Group – Join this drop-in group for adults with lung cancer. Share, connect, and learn from each other in a supportive atmosphere. This group is facilitated by a licensed social worker.
RSVP – Email Kaitlin Goldgraben at

Programs for Male Patients

Yoga for Men Who Are Cancer Survivors With Jerry – Join Jerry Snee for an in-person or virtual yoga practice. This class is open to patients in treatment and those who have completed treatment.
RSVP – Email Jerry at

Programs for Multiple Myeloma Patients

Multiple Myeloma Caregiver Support Group – A support group for caregivers of patients with multiple myeloma. Join us to connect with others, share experiences, learn about resources, and reduce stress and isolation.
RSVP – Email Jaclyn Zingman, LMSW, at or call 212-824-8745.

Multiple Myeloma Mindful Journaling Group – Join us in a creative and therapeutic process of mindful journaling. Mindful journaling allows our thoughts, feelings, and experiences to take tangible form on paper, which helps us to become a better listener to ourselves during times of stress. No experience required.
RSVP – Email Rachel Wangler, LMSW, at or call 212-824-8759.

BIPOC Multiple Myeloma Support Group “One Day at a Time” – This is a support group for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
RSVP – Email YuMee Song at or call 212-824-8771.

Programs for Non-English Speaking Patients

Cedar Club: Chinese-Speaking Cancer Support Group – Let us read a heart-warming book, More Than a Little by M.H. Clark and Cecile Metzger. 和我們⼀起來讀⼀本暖⼼的書,由 M.H. Clark 和 Cecile Metzger 所作的《不⽌⼀點點》Let us learn to express how much we appreciate our loved ones. 讓我們⼀起學習怎樣表達對重要的⼈的珍惜之⼼。
RSVP – Email Emma Mi Zhou, LCSW at or call 212-604-6095.

Grupo de Apoyo Para Pacientes y Familias con Mieloma – Los pacientes y sus cuidadores están invitados a compartir sus inquietudes, temores y experiencias en un entorno cómodo, empático y de apoyo mutuo en este grupo mensual gratuito. El cuarto martes de cada mes. 
RSVP – Email Charlotte McDermott at, call 914-496-3902, or visit  

Programs for Prostate Cancer Patients

Peer to Peer Prostate Support – Have you been diagnosed with prostate cancer? Would you be interested in being matched with our peer mentor, Jean Claude? He was treated at The Mount Sinai Hospital for prostate cancer in 2005. Since 2007, Jean Claude has worked as a volunteer with cancer patients at Mount Sinai’s Ruttenberg Treatment Center.
RSVP – Email Anna Gribetz at

Woman to Woman Programs

Woman to Woman: Book Club – Each month the book will be chosen by a book club member. All are welcome, whether you’ve had a chance to finish the book or not. (Just be mindful that you may encounter some spoilers.)
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Woman to Woman: Cancer Related Lower Extremity Lymphedema – Berfin Mahmut, PT, DPT, will discuss lymphedema and how it can impact gynecologic cancer patients and how to alleviate symptoms. She is a physical therapist specializing in oncology and lymphedema therapy. She is also a cancer exercise specialist, who has been with Mount

Sinai for almost four years. Also, she developed the lymphedema and oncology physical therapy program at Mount Sinai Downtown. Seeing her patients get better is what drives her passion.
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Woman to Woman: Gynecologic Cancer Support Group – Meet other women who have been diagnosed with this life-changing disease and share your story. The goal is to reduce isolation, share resources, feel empowered, and learn ways to cope. We will be joined by guest speakers who are specialists in their fields.
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Woman to Woman: Now What? Long-Term Gynecologic Cancer Survivor Group – This monthly group is for long-term (2+ years) survivors of gynecologic cancer. The purpose is to connect with other women to share unique experiences of long-term survivors in a supportive setting.
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Woman to Woman: Sound Frequency as a Therapeutic Tool – The sound waves or vibrations created by certain tools, such as gongs, tuning forks, and singing bowls can actually alter your brainwave frequencies. You can use different sound frequencies to "hack" your brainwaves and potentially promote physical and emotional healing. Join graduate student Anika Jagasia to learn about how sound frequency can be a helpful tool for cancer patients. The session will conclude with a frequency music therapy session so participants can experience the benefits firsthand.
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Woman to Woman: Spirituality Group – This group meets periodically to reflect on spirituality as a source of both strength and struggle. Spirituality is understood very broadly, and participants of all belief systems are welcome. You do not have to be religious to participate in this group. Content varies based on participant interests but may include discussion of spiritual themes (gratitude, forgiveness, the transcendent, etc.), sharing of spiritual journeys, exploration of spiritual struggles, and/or reflection on a poem, song, image, or other text. The group is facilitated by a board certified interfaith chaplain.
RSVP – Email Chaplain Karen Terry at or call 212-824-8129.

Woman to Woman: What to Read/Watch/Listen to Right Now! – At the request of our community members, we are going to connect and share recommendations of our favorite books, must-see television shows and movies, can’t-miss podcasts, and more. Crowdsource ideas about how to stay entertained from your fellow Woman to Woman community members. We will put suggestions in real time into a shared document that will be distributed to attendees after the session. Come prepared to share your recommendations.
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Woman to Woman: LatinaSHARE Support Group – Join LatinaSHARE for a support group in Spanish for patients with breast or ovarian cancer.
RSVP – Email Jennie Santiago at or call 212-221-1750.

Programs for Young Adult Caregivers

Young Adult Caregiver Support Group – This is a drop-in group for young adults who are caring for a loved one with cancer. The group is a place to share, connect, and learn from others in a supportive atmosphere.
RSVP – Email Oscar Duran at or call 212-824-9273.

Peer Support Programs

Chemo Companions – Chemo Companions pairs up patients with medical and graduate school students who regularly attend appointments to provide support throughout patients’ chemotherapy treatment at the Ruttenberg Treatment Center.
RSVP – Email Anna Gribetz at

To view all the cancer support events for the month and read the Cancer Support and Wellness Newsletter, click here.

For any questions about these events, contact Alison Snow, PhD, LCSW-R, OSW-C, Director, Cancer Supportive Services, at