Breast Health Resource Program

The Breast Health Resource Program (BHRP) is dedicated to meeting the emotional and practical needs of women and men with breast cancer. We offer information, guidance, and critical support to patients from diagnosis through survivorship. Our clinical social workers offer highly individualized counseling to help manage the complex demands of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Patients coping with a breast cancer diagnosis must gather treatment information, evaluate treatment options and outcomes, and may have to make life-altering decisions in a pressured and limited timeframe. Having non-judgmental and informed professionals to help guide them through this process is crucial. The BHRP environment is a calm, non-medical, and intimate environment for the overwhelmed patient where she or he may obtain support and knowledge. From insurance concerns to family issues, our social workers will be your guides and advisors.

Thanks to our generous supporters, our services are provided at no charge to anyone with a diagnosis of breast cancer, at any stage from diagnosis to treatment through survivorship.

Patient Resources

For information on programs, services, or appointments at Mount Sinai, visit or call the following:

  • Breast Health Resource Program of the Dubin Breast Center: 212-241-7748
  • Physician Referral Service: 1-800-MD-SINAI or Find a Doctor
  • Dubin Breast Center: 212-241-3300
  • Breast Imaging: 1-844-MD-CANCER 

For more information on breast health resources at Mount Sinai, please also see:

Support Services

Oncology social workers are available to support you through your cancer journey. Our services include:

  • Counseling – Individual, couples, and family counseling is available.
  • Resource referral and case management
  • Navigator services for patients and survivors
  • Varying support groups and workshops
  • Stress reduction and relaxation techniques
  • Breast cancer resource library

Please see our Breast Health Resource Program events calendar for a list of all monthly support and wellness programs.