Donors Recount Their Reasons for Supporting the Dubin Breast Center

Eileen Farbman and Arne Glimcher discuss philanthropy and gift-giving.

New York, NY
 – May 24, 2011 /Press Release/  –– 

"When the Dubin Breast Care Center came about, I was extremely excited. I had complete trust in anything Dr. Raptis wanted to get started and I really wanted to be part of it. I named The Margery Price Infusion Center in memory of my mother, Margery Price, who volunteered in the infusion center at Mount Sinai’s Breast Health Resource Center for many years. After she was diagnosed with cancer, we were in and out of infusion centers all the time and I knew just how unpleasant they could be. It made sense to me to name the infusion center because I felt like I really understood what a perfect model would look like and how it can make the patient experience more pleasant. I think of my gift as a stepping stone and I hope that the importance of these naming opportunities will resonate for other people and inspire them not only to give but to get involved. I talk to everyone I know about it."

--Eileen Farbman, Donor

"I think philanthropy is a matter of conscience--anyone with a conscience is philanthropic in some sense, whether small or large. Especially in New York, where there are such disparities between rich and poor, philanthropy is a necessity. As a member of Mount Sinai’s Board of Trustees, I feel that I have an obligation to support the great health care and research we do here. The Dubin Breast Care Center particularly intrigued me because Mount Sinai has an extraordinary location and a huge outreach program that can make top-notch cancer care accessible to people living in East Harlem and the northern neighborhoods of the city, as well as the Upper East Side. And I knew Eva Dubin was going to make it happen."

--Arne Glimcher, Donor