At the Dubin Breast Center, we provide excellence in all facets of breast cancer care. In addition, our mission includes tirelessly pursuing better outcomes for breast cancer patients. By housing multiple clinical services under one roof, we foster interdisciplinary and translational research to help achieve this goal. Dubin Breast Center and Tisch Cancer Institute faculty members have a wide range of breast cancer research projects, including the following:

  • Providing a high-risk surveillance program for individuals at high risk for developing breast cancer
  • Identifying the causes of breast cancer
  • Studying the reasons for disparities in breast cancer treatment
  • Finding novel approaches to treating breast cancer
  • Understanding breast cancer dormancy
  • Exploring new ways to prevent and diagnose breast cancer
  • Evaluating the safety and efficacy of new and existing breast cancer treatments through clinical trials

How to Participate in Research

Participation in clinical trials gives you a chance to receive a new treatment that might otherwise be unavailable while also helping us work to improve the standard of care for current and future breast cancer patients. Our doctors work closely with partners in the pharmaceutical industry as well as with cooperative groups through the National Cancer Institute such as Alliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyCancer and Leukemia Group BAmerican College of Radiology Imaging Network, and others to evaluate these new therapies in the setting of clinical trials.

Open Clinical Trials at the Dubin Breast Center

We are always involved in numerous studies to examine breast cancer imaging, genetics, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, prevention, and treatment disparities. Speak with your Dubin health care team if you have questions about or interest in any of our current clinical trials.