At the Dubin Breast Center, we promote activities that facilitate overall health in a supportive environment. As part of this mission, we offer regular group Pilates classes to our patients. Scientific research has found improvements in physical and psychological outcomes in breast cancer patients with a regular Pilates practice, and we are pleased to offer this class free of charge.

Group Pilates Classes

We offer bi-weekly group Pilates classes for Dubin Breast Center patients through a partnership with a former Dubin patient and long-time Pilates instructor, Melissa Miles. Melissa attributes her physical and mental strength during treatment in part to keeping up her own Pilates practice, and would like to help current Dubin patients experience the same. She is sensitive to concerns associated with the post-operative patient, and those currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

This class is open to all patients with a Dubin physician and will be taught at the beginning level. Pilates classes are mat-based, and all experience or fitness levels are welcome. Please reserve your spot in advance as places are limited.