Originating in China more than 4,000 years ago, acupuncture is an ancient method now used worldwide to treat medical problems by restoring balance. Medical acupuncture is acupuncture practiced by licensed, Western-trained physicians. Based on the belief that pain arises when your body's inner energy is out of sync, acupuncture involves inserting very thin, flexible needles into certain points of the body to restore balance and treat pain. Some patients may benefit from acupuncture treatment immediately. Typically, you feel the full therapeutic effects after five or six treatment sessions.

Acupuncture Services at Mount Sinai

At Mount Sinai, our licensed, board-certified physicians are pleased to offer medical acupuncture to Dubin Breast Center patients.

In general, medical acupuncture is considered among the safest treatment modalities in all of medicine. All our acupuncture needles are single-use, sterilized, and disposable. You may experience some slight bruising, which resolves itself in a short period of time. Most people feel very little discomfort, if any, from the placement of the needles, and once the needles are positioned, you should fee no discomfort at all.

The staff at the Dubin Center will be happy to assist any patients interested in Mount Sinai’s medical acupuncture services.