Cold Cap Therapy

The hair loss that often comes with chemotherapy can be very upsetting. In some ways, it is the most obvious sign that you have cancer. At the Dubin Center, we offer cold cap therapy to reduce or prevent hair loss. This approach cools your scalp to a very low temperatures (-22 degrees Fahrenheit), which constricts blood vessels beneath the skin of the scalp. This reduces the amount of chemotherapy drugs that reach and are absorbed by the hair follicles. As a result, hair may be less likely to fall out. You may find that keeping your hair offers hope, keeps your energy levels high, helps you maintain privacy, and enhances your self-image. Cold cap therapy is recommended for select chemotherapy regimens and diagnoses. Before you start cold cap therapy, make sure to speak with your physician and clinical team.

At the Dubin Breast Center, we use the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System.

Dignicap Machine: This machine provides continuous scalp cooling throughout your treatment. A fitted silicone cap will be placed on your head, which is connected to a cooling and control unit.

  • The cooling unit acts like a refrigerator, cooling the cap. Circulation is controlled by temperature sensors housed in the cap and regulated by valves. This enables the system to self-regulate, providing constant and stable cooling.
  • The silicone cap is at room temperature when first put on your head, and then gradually cools down.
  • Your hair must be wet during treatment.
  • The Dubin Breast Center staff operate the Dignicap equipment.
  • You begin using the Dignicap about an hour before you start chemotherapy and keep it on throughout treatment, and for an estimated two to three hours post treatment.
  • You must sign a consent form before using the Dignicap machine.

For more information on cold cap therapy, please call us at 212-241-3300, option 2.