Patient Stories

Professional Drummer With Musician’s Focal Dystonia Can Play Again After Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment
When professional drummer Frank Funaro developed the pain and muscle spasms of musician’s focal dystonia, it looked likely he would never be able to drum again, until deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatment at Mount Sinai’s movement disorders clinic brought his symptoms under control.

Innovative Surgery Treats A Young Woman With a Ruptured AVM, a Tangle of Vessels in the Brain
In December 2021, Claudia Mallea, 24, collapsed in her Brooklyn apartment. This was the beginning of a long and complex medical journey that would lead to highly specialized treatment and care at The Mount Sinai Hospital for a life-threatening condition related to a blood vessel malformation in her brain.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Gives Relief to a Patient After Years of Misdiagnosed Back Pain
Page Bondor had been suffering from chronic and worsening pain in her lower back for years before a diagnosis of a herniated disc led to a microdiscectomy by Jeremy Steinberger, MD, Director of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.

Young Patient Celebrates the Anniversary of a Life-Saving Brain Surgery
Carter Leinberger, age 8, and his family came to New York to celebrate the eighth anniversary of his first surgery with Alejandro Berenstein, MD, Professor of Neurosurgery, Pediatrics and Radiology

Quick Thinking and Intervention By His Wife Help Jason Candler Survive Two Strokes
Following a hemicraniectomy and rehabilitation at Mount Sinai, he has learned to walk again and is back at work

Infant’s Rare Spinal Defect Is Detected and Repaired by Mount Sinai Doctors
Thanks to early diagnosis and a successful surgery, Philip celebrated his first birthday a month after discharge

For Patient With Brain Disorder, Déjà Vu Was the First Sign That Something Was Wrong
Rodrigo Menezes is grateful to the Mount Sinai team that helped him become seizure-free during the COVID pandemic.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Successfully Treats Seizures Suffered by Young Man with Epilepsy
Matthew Mann is grateful for skill and the compassion of his Mount Sinai team.

Mount Sinai Brain Surgeon Removes a Cavernous Malformation to Stop Patient’s Seizures
Alan Feigenbaum, reassured by Saadi Ghatan, MD, “gets his life back” after neurosurgery.

A Long but Promising Stroke Recovery for Young, Healthy New Yorker
Meaghan Onofrey progresses well with the help of "top notch: care provided by a team of specialists at Mount Sinai.

Recovering 33-Year-Old Stroke Patient Raises Awareness That Young People Have Strokes, too.
With the help of her Mount Sinai neurosurgeon and rehabilitation team, Katie Adler is recovering from a rare case of stroke.

Mom's Persistence Pays Off: Infant Daughter Gets Correct Diagnosis and Successful Surgery
Peyton Drumgold, born with a cranial deformity, is now a healthy 1-year-old due to efforts of Mount Sinai Neurosurgery Experts

Team Effort Restores an Active Life for Young Boy with Brain Lesion
Jayden Quispe undergoes two successful brain surgery and is back to being a normal 8- year-old.

Head Trauma Patient Makes Remarkable Recovery With Help of Skilled and Compassionate Mount Sinai Team
Ronald Rossi defied the odds, making a dramatic recovery after a fall resulting in traumatic brain injury.

A Skilled Surgeon Repairs a Patient’s Brain Aneurysm and Discovers a Second Just in Time
Shoshana Yehuda had been suffering with a debilitating headache for four days. But on the fifth day, May 26, 2020, when she felt a loud pop in her head while she was getting dressed, Shoshana knew that needed to get to urgent care.

Repairing a Brain Malformation That Catches Many Unaware
A complex brain surgery for college student Katelyn Bloss was successfully planned by using telemedicine during COVID-19. She is now “feeling great” and looking forward to resuming her studies.

Active Retiree is Back to Exercising and Horseback Riding after Spine Surgery
For more than a year, Charlene suffered persistent low pain back that prevented her from enjoying her active life of working out, hiking, and horseback riding. She tried everything doctors and specialists recommended, but the pain persisted. After spine surgery by Dr. Jeremy M. Steinberger, she's back to doing everything she loves, now with more energy and stamina than she's had in years.

From Miami to Mount Sinai: One man gets his life back after Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
When Parkinson's Disease took away Fabrizio's ability to talk, walk, and overall quality of life, he and his family made the trip from Miami to Mount Sinai NYC to seek Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery from expert, Dr. Koppel. Less than 2 years later, Fabrizio is able to do everything he was able to do before his Parkinson's diagnosis, including be there for his teenage son.

Back to Bowling from Brain Surgery
When Judy discovered she had a meningioma, she and her family relied on the expert care of the Mount Sinai Department of Neurosurgery. After a successful bifrontal craniotomy by Dr. Yong, Judy is back to what she loves most: travelling and improving her bowling game.

Claribel Finds Relief From a Lifetime of Seizures
Claribel Suffered from Epileptic Auras for 20 Years before Finding the Cause: a Brain Tumor; after Brain Surgery to Remove the Tumor, Claribel Is Living Seizure-Free and Couldn’t Be Happier

Dr Joshua Bederson Removed a Tumor from Daniel Leng’s Brain

After Years of Mystery, a Cushings Patient Finally Gets Answers
Robin knew something wasn’t right for many years. She had trouble maintaining her weight despite years of dieting; she also had irregular menstruation – all symptoms that left her puzzled. But doctors at the time didn’t seem alarmed.

A New Outlook on Life Following Minimally Invasive Pituitary Surgery
As a librarian, 36-year-old Kelly has always relied on her eyes to stay sharp on the job. So when her vision became increasingly blurry, she became concerned.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital
Susan Perry experienced excruciating pain caused by a fragmented disc touching a nerve in her spine.

After 10 Years, TGN Patient Finally Finds Relief
Helen Rock had suffered from recurrent episodes of intense right-sided facial pain, which sometimes didn’t allow her to perform even the simplest of things, like smile and speak

Andrew Finds Relief from Severe Tourette Syndrome
Andrew had every tic in the book and was described as the "worst case of Tourette's" many of his doctors had ever seen; after deep brain stimulation, he finds relief from his involuntary tics

Back in Rhythm
Only nine days after a craniotomy, Dana Wahlbeck was able to play the tribute she composed for her Mount Sinai neurosurgeon, Raj K. Shrivastava, MD

Back on His Bike
A neurosurgery patient with a softball sized tumor is table to return to his favorite pastime

Brain Surgery Treats Severe Tourettes Syndrome

Constantinos Hadjipanayis MD PhD Uses Advanced Technology for Malignant Brain Tumor Surgery

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery to Treat Parkinsons Disease

Emergency Room Nurse Overcomes Essential Tremor

Grants Nine-Year Journey with Vein of Galen Malformation
When an infant from New Orleans was diagnosed with Vein of Galen Malformation, treatment from doctors at Mount Sinai saved his life.

I Don’t Even Think About Pain
For someone with trigeminal neuralgia, the above statement is practically unthinkable. After years of failing medications and a debilitating surgery, Claudia Hirsch found the cure for her TGN at Mount Sinai

Indira Dedicates Her Time to Helping Others

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at the Mount Sinai Hospital
Loren Ridinger opted for a minimally invasive surgery to treat an aneurysm that caused episodes of vertigo for more than 20 years

Minimally Invasive Surgery Treats Entrepreneurs Aneurysm
As an airport baggage handler, Debbie Ramcharan expected back pain, but, when the pain worsened and her legs failed, she turned to Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai AANS in Chicago

Mount Sinai Neurosurgeons Reverse Paraplegia

My Hands Stopped Shaking Immediately
Deep brain stimulation erases the debilitating symptoms of severe essential tremor with the turn of a knob, in an instant

Noshaba’s Journey from Blurred Vision to Successful Tumor Removal

Outdoor Enthusiast Resumes Vigorous Activities
When another center's treatment only worsened her pain, Melinda Rishforth turned to Mount Sinai; she now hikes, skis, climbs, and kayaks

Out of the Dark
Living with dystonia can be very limiting, but thanks to innovation in deep brain stimulation, it doesn’t have to be

Overcoming the Pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia
William Maloney began having symptoms of left-sided TGN; the pain become so debilitating that William turned to Mount Sinai

TGN Patient Finds Relief Through Microvascular Decompression

Theater Owner Opts for Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Essential Tremor

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