Research and Clinical Trials

At Mount Sinai, we pride ourselves on our innovative research and on bringing our findings from the bench to the bedside. We offer patients with various pituitary tumors and disorders the latest advances, through participating in clinical trials.

Learn more about our Pituitary Research Program

We are a research institute, involved in exploring new and groundbreaking approaches to handling pituitary disorders. As a result, our patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. We work together with the National Institutes of Health. These clinical trials give patients with rare disorders such as Cushing’s disease and acromegaly access to emerging medications and therapies.

Cushing’s Disease Research

We also conduct innovative research to learn more about Cushing’s disease. We are working on several studies involving a large group of Cushing’s patients, to gain long-term data on the condition.  This information will help us better understand the disease and how to treat it.