Patient Stories

Meningiomas may be the most common type of brain tumor, but they vary greatly in size, location, and symptoms, making the journey to recovery unique for every patient. What always remains the same for each person, though, is the compassionate, individualized care they receive at Mount Sinai's Department of Neurosurgery. Thanks to the skillful surgical expertise of System Chair Joshua B. Bederson, MD and his specialized team, patients often return to their normal life without debilitating symptoms. Here are some of their stories...

Irvette Marte: Getting Her Life Back
Irvette Marte had suffered from migraines since childhood. A visit to the Department of Neurosurgery at Mount Sinai Health System changed everything.

Jarrod San Angel: Waking Up Thankful
Jarrod San Angel couldn’t figure out why he felt so down in the dumps. Then an unexpected seizure transformed his life. He turned to Mount Sinai for the best care possible.

Josephine Dambuleff: Seeing Life Clearly Now
Josephine Dambuleff believed her a trip to the ophthalmologist would help with her blurry vision. Ultimately, there was a deeper issue lurking beneath the surface that required the expertise from neurosurgeons at Mount Sinai.

Mira Cymerman: The Gift of an Unusual Sign
Mira Cymerman’s left ear was sending her a message. However, the typical regimen of eardrops and antibiotics weren’t enough. A trip to the ENT lead to the discovery of something bigger.

Phylis Esposito: Back in Action
Phylis Esposito may be retired but she’s certainly not a homebody. After a two-day dizzy spell, she was referred for a CT scan and the results would send her on a path to Dr. Bederson at Mount Sinai.

Roberta Benzilio: Filled with Gratitude
Roberta Benzilio woke up one morning with the most excruciating headache, with inexplicable stomach issues. She didn’t hesitate to visit the emergency room and uncover the underlying issue.