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"Wrap Your Brain Around This: Telehealth Is Transforming Neurosurgery" - Lydia Hu

  • Spectrum News: NY1
  • New York, NY
  • (July 15, 2020)

An athlete, Katelyn Bloss, 20, had always been in good health. Bloss was at college in Connecticut in March when she felt another migraine coming on. But this time, it was the start of a three minute seizure. Bloss got a telehealth appointment with Dr. Joshua Bederson at Mount Sinai Health System. Dr. Bederson said, if it weren’t for the pandemic, he would have insisted on an in-person meeting before the surgery. “I think it opens up the opportunities for patients to broaden their reach in the type of consultations they can obtain and expertise they can reach, no matter where they are,” said Dr. Bederson.

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