From Darkness to Light

This film tracks the origins of the Peter Krueger Clinic, one of the first HIV/AIDS clinics in the U.S., and its impact over the last three decades told by patients and staff.

From Darkness to Light captures the voices of patients and caregivers at the forefront of the HIV/AIDS crisis, highlighting the groundbreaking care provided by the Peter Krueger Clinic (PKC). The PKC is one of the first HIV/AIDS clinics in the United States, which was established at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in 1989. Started during the height of the epidemic in New York City, PKC boldly stood against the stigma of the disease and served as a beacon of hope and a model of care for those New Yorkers diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This film tracks the clinic’s origins and its impact over the last three decades, as told by the patients and staff that have called it home. The work of the clinic continues today as a part of the Institute for Advanced Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Awards: Best Documentary: LGBTQ+ Toronto Film Festival 2022, Best Documentary: LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival 2022, Best Documentary Short: Indie Short Fest – Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Platinum Award for Best Documentary Short: Independent Short Awards, Best Documentary Feature: Los Angeles Movie Awards, Award of Merit Special Mention Documentary Short: Impact Doc Awards!, Award of Merit Special Mention Documentary Short: IndieFEST Film Awards

Director Biography: Joe Fox is director and producer at Fly on the Wall Productions. Joe has written and directed films for some of the country’s leading nonprofit organizations, covering topics such as restitution for Holocaust victims, the 2011 South Asian tsunami, children with learning disabilities, the future of scientific innovation and technology, Hurricane Sandy relief and much more. Joe has also written, produced and directed two feature-length films on pressing social issues of our time.


  • PRODUCED BY: Mount Sinai Health System / The Institute for Advanced Medicine, Fly on the Wall Productions
  • WRITTEN BY: Joe Fox
  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Allie Patt, Sarah George
  • INTERVIEWERS: Alison Howlett, Joe Fox
  • CAMERA OPERATORS: Marsh Chamberlain, James Nubile, Boris Shirman, Mano Alexandre
  • EDITOR: Benjamin Klema
  • INTERVIEWEES: Matt Baney, Wilfred Bright, Josephine DeLeon, April Drew, Dina Franchi, Nina Howes, Angela Jones, James Kiernan, Liz Krueger, Dale Mandelman, Usha Mather-Wagh, M.D., Donna Mildvan, M.D., Vivian Richardson, John Romaro, Nilsa Ramos Santiago, Stanley Yancovitz, MD
  • SPECIAL THANKS TO: Janet Goldberg, Nina Howes, Liz Krueger and the Krueger Family, Michael P. Mullen