Modern Widows Club


On Valentine's Day, 2000, Carolyn Moor and her husband were in a car accident that took his life. Carolyn discusses the resilience lessons she learned and honed following one of life's great tragedies.

This special edition episode's interview was conducted by Jonathan Depierro, PhD, the Associate Director of Mount Sinai's Center for Stress, Resilience, and Personal Growth. Along with Mount Sinai's doctors Steven Southwick, PhD, and Dennis Charney, MD, is the co-author of the newly-released edition of Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges.

[00:00:00] Stephen Calabria: From the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. This is Road to Resilience, a podcast about facing adversity. I'm Stephen Calabria. Today, we have a special edition of Road to Resilience to celebrate publication of the third edition of the book that served as the basis for this show's creation. The book is called Resilience, the Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges, which can be found on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

[00:00:26] The newest edition of the book was composed in part by an esteemed member of the Mount Sinai family. Dr. John Depierro, Ph. D., is an associate professor Professor of Psychology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He is also the Associate Director of the Center for Stress, Resilience, and Personal Growth, which provides comprehensive programming to support the resilience and mental health of Mount Sinai faculty, staff, and trainees.

[00:00:50] Today on Road to Resilience, Dr. Depierro interviews Carolyn Moor, the founder of a nationally recognized nonprofit called the Modern Widows Club. Miss Moor discusses, among other things, her work in activism, and how in just one moment, the meaning, focus, and purpose of a person's whole life can change forever.

[00:01:10] We're pleased to have Miss Carolyn Moor on the show.

[00:01:14] Jon Depierro: Welcome to the Road to Resilience podcast. My name is Dr. Jonathan Depierro. I'm Associate Director of Mount Sinai Center for Stress, Resilience, and Personal Growth. And today we're excited to be speaking with Carolyn Moor.

[00:01:26] So welcome, Carolyn. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. And, could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself and about your organization?

[00:01:35] Carolyn Moor: Sure. Thank you, Jonathan. We met, of course, because of our mutual friend, Dr. Steven Southwick. But, I am the founder of an organization called Modern Widows Club. We're a 501c3 non profit that started out as really simply widows mentoring widows that then turned into, wow, you know, what if we actually trained more widows to become leaders?

[00:01:59] And so we became the only leadership program to develop more widow leaders. And then those leaders wanted to do more advocacy around the world. And so, you know, we started dipping into the world of partnering for more research. And so it's really all of those things that is focused on women's health in widowhood.

[00:02:20] Jon Depierro: So, you started the Modern Widows Club yourself?

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