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"Community-based Groups Have Uncertain Role In Medicaid Reform" - Dan Goldberg

  • Politico
  • New York, NY
  • (October 03, 2019)

Hudson River Health Care is one of the largest health care providers outside New York City. It has 29 health centers across ten counties, and sees 135,000 patients in a given year. Given the number of patients it sees, one would expect HRHCare to play an integral role in the state’s plans to reform the Medicaid program. “I think over the next six months to a year, precisely these tensions are going to surface,” said Arthur Gianelli, president of Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Chief Transformation Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System. He added, “Mount Sinai acknowledges this is going to be a challenge and has developed a committee to maintain engagement with downstream providers.”

— Arthur A. Gianelli, President, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, Chief Transformation Officer, Mount Sinai Health System

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