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"Crowdsourcing Healthcare's Crystal Ball" – Santiago Doria

  • Digital Commerce 360
  • New York, NY
  • (December 11, 2018)

Virtual visits might overtake physical primary care visits within the next two years and personal health records might be in the hands of over 50 percent of consumers within five. These were some of the predictions from this year’s Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit. We asked over 350 senior healthcare executives for their best guesses on when we’ll reach some of the industry’s tipping points. MyHealthEData, Blue Button 2.0, new electronic health record incentive programs, and health information technology industry convergence on emerging internet standards, for instance, are all paving the way for free data flow. During a Summit roundtable discussion, Niyum Gandhi, executive vice president and chief population health officer for the Mount Sinai Health System, said, “The cost to turn on the FHIR API is 0 so… the ROI is infinite.” Fundamental arguments aside, the value to payers, providers, health information technologists, and innovators is clear. If nothing else, as data flows freely between systems, so will the potential to accelerate value-based payments.

— Niyum Gandhi, Executive Vice President, Chief Population Health Officer, Mount Sinai Health System

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