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As a nationally recognized leader in clinical care, research, and education, Mount Sinai’s is committed to delivering the safest and most effective care to every patient in a supportive and caring environment. It is also dedicated to serving the underserved and those at risk for developing preventable diseases through community outreach, screening and education. 

Latinos, who number 50.5 million strong in the United States, are twice as likely as other ethnic groups to be diagnosed with diabetes, and they are at dramatically higher risk for asthma, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer. Driving these disparities are economic and structural barriers, such as lack of health insurance, poverty and insufficient diversity in the healthcare workforce, all of which make it difficult for Latinos to access the full range of affordable, high quality healthcare services. 

Mount Sinai’s Hispanic Health Initiatives are designed to engage the Latino community, policy makers, partners, and media in action plans that will decrease the spread of diseases specifically affecting Latinos. They have been created to educate you, our patients, about how you can manage or prevent the onset of disease and empower our staff, affiliate practices and the community at large with the information necessary to make informed decisions and take a proactive approach to healthcare. 

We invite you to review the contents of these pages, ask us questions, and get involved. 


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