Medical Daily - All about Ultraviolet Rays, Plus Other Matters of Sun Safety - Susan Scutti

 – June 3, 2013  –– 

One of the best ways of limiting your UV exposure is to find a spot in the shade whenever possible. Typically, windows, including those in your car, home, and office, offer some protection. "But you can still be over-exposed to the sun while driving," said Dr. Angela Lamb, MD, Director of the Westside Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice. "Glass blocks the UVB (burning) rays, but not all of the UVA (aging) rays. Even if it is an overcast day, you may be exposed to harmful rays," said Lamb.

-Dr. Angela Lamb, Director, Westside Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice, Instructor, Dermatology, The Mount Sinai Medical Center

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