Before Your Visit

General Information

We are located at 1176 Fifth Avenue, between 98th and 99th Streets, on the 1st floor of  the Klingenstein Pavilion. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 855-TO-DUBIN or 212-241-3300.

Valet Parking

We provide Valet Service to our patients as well, see details [PDF].

For additional parking accommodations, see details [PDF].

Friends and Family Policy

With the safety and comfort of all of our patients in mind, we ask you to adhere to the following policies [PDF].

Breast Surgery

In order to ensure the highest quality of care, in a timely fashion, it is important that we have all of your medical information prior to your initial visit. For your initial visit, we ask you to fax any documentation pertaining to tests/procedures you have had done and send all radiology images on disc and pathology slides to our office prior to the appointment. Providing all the medical information prior to your visit will make your visit more comprehensive.

For new visits with Dr. Elisa Port, please fill out this form [PDF].

For new visits with Dr. Hank Schmidt, please fill out this form [PDF].

For new visits with Dr. Christina Weltz, please fill out this form [PDF].

Breast Imaging

For your imaging appointment:

  • Be sure to ask your physician to fax an order/prescription for your imaging exam prior to your arrival or plan on bringing a copy to your visit.
  • If you have prior imaging, please bring a copy to your visit (preferably on disc in dicom format) or have them sent prior.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your table time to allow for registration.
  • Do not wear any powders or deodorant.
  • For more information regarding image guided breast biopsies, please see attached [PDF].

Breast Medical Oncology

For your initial consult, please be sure to have all records (radiology, pathology, etc) faxed to office prior to your appointment.

If your pathology slides are at another institution, we will want them to be reviewed by our pathologist here at Mount Sinai. Please obtain them from the hospital where your biopsy was performed. Call the Pathology Department of that hospital to arrange to personally pick them up or if it is more convenient, you can request that the hospital send your slides to our office.


Contact Us

Dubin Breast Center
The Mount Sinai Hospital
Klingenstein Pavilion
1176 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10029

For Appointments and Information
Tel: 855-TO-DUBIN (863-8246) or

Breast Imaging
Tel: 212-241-3300 option 1

Breast Surgery
Tel: 212-241-3300 option 2

Breast Reconstruction (plastic surgery)
Tel: 212-241-4410

Medical Oncology
Tel: 212-241-3300 option 3

Radiation Oncology
Tel: 212-241-7501

Breast Pathology
Tel: 212-241-7397

Breast Health Resource Program (psychosocial support)
Tel: 212-987-3063