MSNBC - Dr. Sam Gandy: “Scientist: Treat Alzheimer's 20 Years Before Symptoms”

New York, NY
 – July 13, 2011 /Press Release/  –– 

Curing Alzheimer’s disease may be impossible and the best hope to control the disease may require beginning treatments as much as 20 years before the onset of symptoms. It could take decades to find effective therapies for the brain-wasting disease. That is the view of Dr. Sam Gandy, a highly respected Alzheimer's expert at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Writing a perspective article titled “Prevention is Better than Cure” in this week’s issue of the journal Nature, Dr. Gandy offers an argument that will likely dominate much of the discussion next week when 4,000 researchers gather in Paris for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual International Conference. Dr. Gandy writes that “we should not be discouraged by the prospect of another decade or two of work” to know whether controlling amyloid is the key to controlling Alzheimer’s disease. “Prophylactic intervention,” he writes, “is now the best hope.” Learn more