For Patients

At RMTI, we offer a full spectrum of abdominal organ transplantation programs and services, including:

Intestinal Rehabilitation & Transplantation
Our expertise ranges from advanced nutritional management to complex reconstructive procedures, such as intestinal lengthening procedures and reversed segments, among others.

Kidney & Pancreas Transplantation
Our staff uses an interdisciplinary approach to performing innovative procedures to improve the lives of individuals who require pancreas or kidney transplantation.

Liver, Bile Duct, Pancreas Surgery
Our program serves patients with a wide variety of liver/bile duct and pancreatic diseases, including cancers affecting these organs. Among our many innovative treatments is surgical liver resection, which removes the affected parts of the liver rather than the entire organ, and adult live donor liver transplantation, which we helped pioneer. We also perform several pancreatic treatments including advanced screening and diagnostic techniques as well as curative therapies.

Liver Cancer
Mount Sinai’s specialists offer comprehensive treatments for individuals with liver cancer.

Liver Diseases
Among the specific liver diseases we treat and manage at the Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute (RMTI) at Mount Sinai are early and end-stage:

  • Autoimmune liver diseases
  • Cholestatic disease (including primary biliary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis)
  • Viral hepatitis (including Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C)

Living Donor Transplantation
Hosting patients from across the world, this program provides recipients with the necessary organ transplants they require by offering liver and kidneys from donors who are alive.

Liver Thrombosis Program
This international referral center for adults and children is designed to help patients with difficult to diagnose and unique blood clotting disorders affecting the liver and intestines. It is the only program of its kind in the United States, with physician-scientists who are leading national experts in the field of blood coagulation and thrombosis.

Liver Transplantation
RMTI has one of the largest liver transplantation centers in the country. Because of our size and extensive staff, we are able to treat even the most complex liver medical problems patients may have and perform transplantation with advanced techniques.

Transplant Living Center
Mount Sinai’s Transplant Living Center gives transplant recipients the opportunity to stay close to the hospital with affordable and comfortable housing.

Transplant Outreach Program
Our transplant liaisons provide community-based education on various aspects of transplantation and organ donation. They also coordinate in-services to outside medical facilities at no charge.