Wellness at AIMS

At AIMS, we aim to empower people to take action when they are feeling susceptible to excessive use of substances, and to promote enlightenment and self-awareness.

Pathways to Prevention

With increased stress, anxiety, isolation, and fear due to COVID-19, many people have begun looking for ways to escape the distress. Pathways to Prevention (P2P) is a new initiative created by AIMS staff to increase awareness and insight into the risk factors and progression of substance misuse. We are committed to supporting everyone in achieving their optimal sense of wellness to live a productive and fulfilling life. The resources below are designed to elicit self-awareness, and empower you to take action for your own mental health and wellbeing.

Risk factors and temptation

Risk factors increase your chances of being susceptible to unwanted thoughts, actions, and behaviors that can lead to misuse of drugs and alcohol. Examples of risk factors include medical history, genetics, environmental influences, and age. It’s important to recognize what your risk factors are, and which triggers (such as stress) lead to temptation. You can use this worksheet to think about your own temptations, and this other worksheet to explore stress and what it means to you.


Self-screening is a tool that assists you in taking a look at your wellness and mental health, and aids in identifying feelings and patterns that can lead to maladaptive behaviors. Please note that self-screening is not a medical diagnosis. Access the screening tool here.


Self-assessment is a set of questions that evaluates the severity and probability of problematic use patterns. With self-assessment, you can evaluate thoughts, attitudes, and actions that can lead to exposure to risk factors and other maladaptive outcomes. Below are some worksheets that can help you assess various states of mind.

Protective factors

Protective factors decrease likelihood to negative outcomes and increase resilience in times of high stress, anxiety, and other challenges. See below for some resources to determine your own protective factors including social support, coping skills, stress management, and setting boundaries.

Mount Sinai’s employee support 

Mount Sinai offers an array of confidential services and resources to support employees in achieving their goals, including the following:

Additional support

SAMHSA (national helpline)
Trevor Project (specializes in supporting LGBTQ youth)
Alcohol-specific resources: