Historic Gift from The Alumnae Association of The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing Will Support Nursing Research and Education

Alumnae Association commits to the support of nursing research and education at Mount Sinai

 – December 11, 2013 /Press Release/  –– 

The Alumnae Association of The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing has made an historic commitment to support nursing research and education at Mount Sinai. The $200,000 gift—the largest in the Alumnae Association’s nearly 120-year history—will support initiatives of the Center for Nursing Research and Education (CNRE).

Chartered in 1894, the Alumnae Association has a proud legacy of championing and fostering nursing excellence and exceptional patient-centered care at Mount Sinai. With this gift, the Alumnae Association aims to strengthen its relationship with Mount Sinai Nursing and carry forward the standards of excellence that characterized The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing, which closed in 1971, into a new era.

“Our legacy has been to supply the world with some of the greatest nurses who have ever lived,” said Alumnae Association President Theodora Sirota, PhD, CNL, APRN-BC, Class of 1962, who has led the organization since 2006. “As we planned for the future, we felt strongly that we should be supporting our home and solidifying our partnership with Mount Sinai Nursing. We want to contribute in whatever way we can to continue the greatness of Mount Sinai Nursing.”

Dr. Sirota, an associate professor of nursing at Caldwell College and a practicing psychotherapist, also feels passionately that research is vital to the future of nursing.

“It is critical to the profession of nursing that we develop knowledge and clinical practices based on solid evidence,” said Dr. Sirota. “Research is probably the most important activity that nurses can do to prepare for the future.”

The mandate of the CNRE embraces this idea. Established in late 2009, the Center facilitates multidisciplinary translational research programs that emphasize patient care and strengthen the profession of nursing through education, innovation, and the application of research into everyday nursing practice.

Nurse-initiated research and education can help nurses deliver care more effectively, according to Carol Porter, DNP, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Senior VP for Nursing, Edgar M. Cullman, Sr. Chair of the Department of Nursing, Associate Dean of Nursing Research and Education, and Director of the Center of Nursing Research and Education.

“This gift is a major opportunity for us to support nursing research in a strategic and timely manner,” said Dr. Porter. “The Alumnae Association’s legacy of nursing excellence and practice lives on through their support of the future of nursing at Mount Sinai.” The Alumnae Association’s landmark gift will be used to advance nursing education initiatives and promote research projects that have been selected by the CNRE and are led by a nurse principal investigator. Half of the gift will be available for immediate use; the remaining funds will create an endowment for the CNRE to secure the future of nursing research and education at Mount Sinai.