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"The High Price Of The Public Charge Rule: America Will Get Sicker if This Anti-immigration Measure Goes Into Effect" - Kenneth Davis

  • New York Daily News
  • New York, NY
  • (October 29, 2019)

Kenneth Davis, MD, president and CEO of the Mount Sinai Health System discusses the public charge rule. According to Dr. Davis, “Earlier this month, changes to a federal rule were supposed to go into effect that would have put an overwhelming number of immigrants in danger. The rule would expand the scope of the “public charge rule” and deny permanent-resident status to certain immigrants when the government believes they are likely to receive public benefits, such as Medicaid, food subsidies and housing assistance. Fortunately, several federal judges issued injunctions, halting the rule from going into effect. We should expect proponents of this rule to use every tool available to overturn the injunction.” He added, “A mother recently came to Mount Sinai, the hospital I oversee, with her children. Her foot was in pain and it was interfering with her ability to work. She refused to use Medicaid to cover her bills because she feared she would be deemed a “public charge.” Think about that. The rule has yet to take effect and it is already scaring people away from Medicaid.”

— Kenneth L. Davis, MD, President, CEO, Mount Sinai Health System

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