Committee to Address Anti-Asian Bias and Racism (CAABR)

The Committee to Address Anti-Asian Bias and Racism was formed to address the growing concerns and fears about the racism experienced by our Asian and Asian American colleagues at Mount Sinai. Our goal is to engage stakeholders from across the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Mount Sinai Health System to develop and implement strategies to address and combat anti-Asian bias and racism.

This past Valentine’s Day, Robert (Bob) Wright, MD, Chair of the Department of Environmental Medicine & Public Health and Director of the Institute for Exposomic Research, shared a tribute of love and remembrance to his mother who had passed away two days before. It beautifully portrays many common themes and elements of the immigrant experience and the experiences of their children. As a system with equity and empathy as part of our values, sharing the rich cultural diversity of our employees’ histories is fundamental to building the understanding and respect necessary for equity and empathy. 

We invite you to take in Dr. Wright’s story and to reflect on the following themes experienced by many immigrants and their families: 

  • Families affected by war 
  • Education and childhoods cut short 
  • Extreme hardships 
  • Difficult choice to leave family behind and move to another country for better opportunities 
  • Sending money back to help support family 
  • Assimilation challenges in a very different culture 
  • Children of immigrants representing success and making efforts to learn more about themselves in ways not possible without experiencing it 

Please read Dr. Wright's poignant letter.

We are proud to support and share these stories.  

Our Committee’s focus on the Asian and Asian American community aligns with the system-wide effort to address bias and racism led by the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. We have a responsibility to address bias and racism for our colleagues and patients.